Welcome to AXIS EnterpriseLink

AXIS EnterpriseLink is a server-based model management platform that provides a secure and high performance enterprise level environment for AXIS model development, testing and processing. There is no extra charge to use EnterpriseLink. It is included as part of the base system and we will help you set it up as well.

This comprehensive platform addresses all areas of AXIS deployment and access by users, and the management of all the key components of both development and production applications. With AXIS EnterpriseLink, clients can safely and smoothly transition the installation and execution of AXIS from desktops and laptops to centralized servers, with convenient access to GridLink server farms as well as GridLink Cloud Services for fast processing of batch jobs of any size.

Now all users can easily share applications, data and resources, subject to centrally managed assignment of roles and permissions, based on user groups. Archiving of datasets and calculated results is centrally managed, with convenient version control and safe scheduling. As well, AXIS EnterpriseLink is designed to support failover procedures and helps to easily migrate data in case of disaster recovery or equipment upgrades.

From an IT support perspective, AXIS EnterpriseLink offers a robust and secure environment based on a centralized repository of all configuration parameters and tools for streamlining application deployment, updates and data backups.

Click your role to discover how AXIS EnterpriseLink benefits you:

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